OaSIS final conference will be held at the outstanding Résidence Palace, the International Press Centre of Brussels. This grand 1920s Art Deco building is situated close to Schuman Square, in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter. With its unique style and original features, it provides a perfect setting for our final event.

The Résidence Palace was Brussel’s first luxury apartment block. The sumptuous Art Deco building was designed by Swiss architect Michel Polak in the 1920s for the city's bourgeoisie and aristocracy.

The complex was conceived on a grand scale. It had chambermaids and butlers for the benefit of its occupants, as well as, among other things, its own restaurants, theatre, swimming pool, hairdressing salon, bank, post office, garages, grocers, florist's shop, chocolate shop, newsagent, gymnastics hall and a terrace on the 11th floor. However, this success was to be short-lived.

In 1941, the building was requisitioned by the occupying German forces. After the war, the complex could not be restored to its original use and it was bought by the Belgian State to house various government departments. In 2000, the federal government decided to set up an International Press Centre at the Résidence Palace, taking advantage of its prime location in the heart of the European quarter.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 777443