4 RDAs
4ᵗʰ December, Brussels

Marketing4RDAs - OaSIS Final Conference
Rue Montoyer, 24, Brussels. 4th of December, 2019
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Scope of the Event

Last 4th of December took place in Brussels Marketing4RDAs, a conference organised within the framework of the H2020 project OaSIS to offer solutions to enhance support RDAs provide to the companies in their region. It helped regional practitioners facing challenges searching for every detail of their economy to find answers to give the best support to your companies

The event was designed as a forum where RDA practitioners found answers to their current issues thanks to the software solutions presented by the private sector, and also where companies were invited to come and find dozens of potential clients for their tools. For this reason, the conference concluded with a public-private dialogue and a final networking cocktail to bridge the gap between both sectors.

About OaSIS Project


The OaSIS project provided thorough analyses of the existing approaches to the segmentation of innovating SMEs and the assessment of the effectiveness of regional support mechanisms currently used in Europe. Unique Big Data analyses uncovered patterns and correlations among innovating SMEs and spot (early) “success metrics”. This allows to develop new, optimized funding schemes and target enterprises with the highest growth potential.

Structure of the Event


The event featured many high-level speakers that will provide answers to the issues RDAs are facing right now regarding segmentation and innovation support. Natalia Martínez Páramo, Head of Unit at EASME disclosed important measures and call for opportunities the European Commission will soon deploy to provide support to SMEs.

The audience then discovered how the tool developed within the OaSIS project, OaSIS Portal works, and how it provides specific solutions to the segmentation needs of regional practitioners in an intuitive and dynamic way.


Experts from over 7 European regions showcased their best practices on segmentation and innovation, providing the audience useful tips on how to identify and creatively solve a particular demand within their region.

Then several companies shared a demonstration of their cutting-edge software tools that can provide solutions to many of the problems you face. Sarah Russis, Head of Global Sales at fDi Intelligence Financial Times showcased their Geographic Information System, an online business location analysis service tool. Avital Vallois, Manager at Sindup displayed their monitoring tool to collect, process and analyse data. Finally, Gert Jan Mattens, Manager at Bureau van Dijk described it’s Big Data solutions to know what companies do and how they're performing.

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